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The Hybrid PantoRouter is a jig that uses a guide bearing to follow a template to create wood joinery.

Welcome to the home of the Hybrid PantoRouter® in Europe!

Here you can learn all about this precise woodworking machine and once you’ve made up your mind, buy one (or more!)  for yourself.

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In short 

The Hybrid PantoRouter® is a precise woodworking machine, taking the guesswork out of making woodworking joinery by helping you to create fast, accurate and repeatable joints.


The PantoRouter® is used for

  • precise and repeatable mortise & tenon joints
  • dowel joints
  • finger joints
  • box joints
  • through dovetails
  • sliding dovetails
  • compound angle joints
  • multiples of these joints

Videos about the Hybrid PantoRouter®

Take a look at the following 2 videos.

In the first video Matthias Wandel, inventor of the original wooden PantoRouter® explains in great detail what the differences are between his invention and the all metal PantoRouter® from Kuldeep Singh.
The second video also features Matthias as he unpacks the boxes that his own Hybrid PantoRouter® came in and shows how to assemble it. 

Hybrid PantoRouter® comparison

Hybrid PantoRouter® unboxing and assembly